Apocalypse Weird Survivors

The Apocalypse Weird is an epic multi-arc story that takes place at the end of civilization and the beginning of something terrible and very evil. The AW writers are busy creating global apocalypses in major cities, states and regions. Writers are broken down into three tier groups. Tier 1 writers have been contracted to destroy a specific region in the Apocalypse Weird sandbox. Tier 2 writers are being contracted to come and tell stories within the already created Tier 1 portions of the sandbox. Tier 3 writers are known as Apocalypse Weird: Survivors.

Tier 3 writers have the opportunity to both create brand-new non-canon apocalypses in undeveloped regions, or, even already developed regions by creating a brand-new apocalypse and disregarding the already canon apocalypse (don’t worry this works because of the MetaVerse nature of the story). Or, Tier 3 writers can develop an arc within an already ongoing arc within the AW by exploring and expanding story events and characters that have already been developed.

But these are not your average every day end of the world scenarios. There’s a driving, multilayered, force behind all this imminent destruction. In other words: we’ve got some serious villains for you to play with and throw your protagonists against.

How To Get Started

So, you’ve read some of the initial launch books in the Apocalypse Weird and you’d like to try your hand and wrecking the world. Great! The best way for you to go about that is to head over to Facebook and join the Apocalypse Weird: Survivors group. There you’ll find a world document that tells you the rules of our world building and how to play with the other writers i.e. develop stories, tie-in with canon plot lines and learn the ins and outs of the AW world.

Next you’ll want to decide if you want to write a brand-new apocalypse, or, possibly set your story in one of the already destroyed portions of the Apocalypse Weird as outlined in canon AW published Novels. We’ll be looking very closely at people who want to write tier 2 novels, meaning: portions of the AW universe we’ve already developed. Right now that goes to the top of the list for consideration. But, we’re really excited about anything new that you want to develop.

So, once you decided what your story is, and where it takes place then you’ll want to write it using the world document as a guide in a reference for your work. Then head over to ThirdScribe/Apocalypse Weird: Survivors and publish your story. Once it’s up our readers, and writers, and the Wonderment team will be watching the voting apparatus and reading the stories to see what’s resonating with the Apocalypse Weird Fanbase.

If we like your story we’re going to go ahead and offer you the opportunity to write for us under contract.

What Does That Mean?

That means we’ll publish, cover design, and edit your novel. Then we’ll launch it and do marketing to an extensive email list and promotional apparatus we’ve developed specifically for Apocalypse Weird. Once we do that, we’ll be paying you royalties well above what trade publication is paying. If your story does well, we’re probably going to want you to do more stories for us as you’ll be now considered either a Tier 1 or Tier 2 canon author.

Welcome to the Apocalypse Weird! Read our books, including the introductory free book The Red King and get an idea for what you’d like to do. Then write that story. We’re excited to build this world together and were interested to see what you’d like to bring to the table. In other words… What’s your Weird?